Ulmus minor


Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.


Cloned from an ancient Field Elm discovered in the wild in Spain, the tree is robust, and fast-growing at <100 cm p.a. Possessed of an extraordinarily high level of DED-resistance, without parallel for a European species, the tree is distinguished by a stout poker-straight single stem to a height of 5 m, albeit with several heavy side branches. The leaves are typically small, ovate, acuminate at the apex, flushing in late April.

The samarae are about 15 mm long by 10 mm broad, the seed central, and the notch distinctively circular, shed in late April. Unusual for a Field Elm, the tree has yet to sucker from roots to increase naturally in perpetuity.



Resistance to exposure

Resemblance to native elm

Suitability for street planting

Rate of growth

Tolerance of waterlogging

Tolerance of drought

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