'Nanguen' - LUTECE


(‘Plantyn’ × (U. minor × U. minor)) × (‘Bea Schwarz’ × ‘Bea Schwarz’ selfed)


Dorschkamp, Netherlands; released 2002 by INRA, France


The stem of LUTЀCE typically forks at a height of 1-2 m, with <5 branches steeply ascending to form an open crown. The leaves are < 11 cm long × < 10 cm wide, similar in shape to those of the Field Elm U. minor, but with a very rough upper surface and coarsely serrated margins. The leaves are very late to flush, rarely before mid-May, a trait inherited from its Himalayan Elm U. wallichiana ancestor. In adolescence, the tree can require prolonged staking before it is able to freestand at about age 6 years. LUTЀCE is known to sucker freely from roots to form clumps and thickets. A specimen planted 2003 at Towngate, Newport, Isle of Wight, was found to host the WLH in 2015. LUTЀCE is now propagated under licence in the UK by the Frank P Matthews nursery, Tenbury Wells; the first elm to be so, thus avoiding market resistance to imported stock.



Resistance to exposure

Resemblance to native elm

Suitability for street planting

Rate of growth

Tolerance of waterlogging

Tolerance of drought

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Recommended suppliers

Peter Shallcross

  • ‘Nanguen’ = LUTЀCE
  • ‘Ademuz’

Bare-root whips 1.0-1.5m, mail order

Freelance distributor
Tisbury, Wiltshire


Frank P Matthews

  • ‘Nanguen’ = LUTЀCE
  • ‘Wanoux’ = VADA

Bare-root whips 1.0-1.5m, mail order

Tenbury Wells, Worcs