'Wanoux' - VADA


‘Plantyn’ × ‘Plantyn’ selfed


Dorschkamp, Netherlands; released 2006 by INRA, France (patent holders).


Last of the Dutch clones (No. 762) to be patented and released. Reported in press as being faster growing than LUTÈCE (in the French trials, VADA achieved 14m at age 20 years), this has been contrary to experience in Hampshire. Primarily intended for street planting, VADA is a fairly fasti-giate tree showing pronounced apical dominance, but it is not yet clear whether it is truly mono-podial or merely upright.  The stem tends to weave, but the rootstock seems impressively wind-firm.  VADA leafs relatively late, in May, though not quite as late LUTÈCE. Leaves on vigorous shoots are large, glossy, and ultimately very dark. The tree is now propagated under licence in the UK by the Frank P Matthews nursery, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire. NB: In 2020, 92 were planted in the jardin de Tuileries, Paris.



Resistance to exposure

Resemblance to native elm

Suitability for street planting

Rate of growth

Tolerance of waterlogging

Tolerance of drought

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Recommended suppliers

Frank P Matthews

  • ‘Nanguen’ = LUTЀCE
  • ‘Wanoux’ = VADA

Bare-root whips 1.0-1.5m, mail order

Tenbury Wells, Worcs